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Mar 23, 2004
Run like hell

He took in large mouthfuls of air. Inhaling and exhaling rapidly, the sound of his heavy breathing almost masked the sound of his footsteps pounding the tarmac.

His legs took long strides. Practice shows, he thought grimly. And today, he had to run harder than he ever ran before. Today, or never.

The sound of a dog barking in the distance caught his hearing. He cursed the entire canine species for the predicament he found himself in. Why did they have to have such sharp teeth and quick feet?

He was slowly beginning to tire. After all, how much can a man outrun a dog that is intent on chasing him.

He took a quick turn and jumped over the bushes. He knew it was a useless ploy. The dog would still chase him to his death. Or rip him to pieces once it sunk its teeth in him.

He looked over his shoulder to see how far away the dog was. Or how close.

In his anxiety, he failed to see the lamp post in front of him.

He went down without a sound.

The dog was upon him in a trice. And looked back at its master, its tail wagging hard.

'Good boy', said the man. 'He can catch his breath in prison.'

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Mar 16, 2004
Brothers in arms

He disappeared without a trace
Took up a new name
And at another place
Surfaced again

He strove to create
A new identity
But his reasons
Did not sound pithy

In the guise of The Oaf
He left his mark
Some recognised him
Some took him to task

Come back as Pleo
Come back as Morphie
This does not suit you
We don't like Oafie

Morphie did not listen
He pretended to be wise
As The Oaf he spoke baloney
But stopped short of giving advice

Everything changed
One dreary day
Up came Pleo
After The Oaf went away

10 days later
Morphie began to think
I miss The Oaf
Should not have tottered at the brink

So my friends
I bring The Oaf to you
He will write here
Please don't say boo

The Oaf and Pleomorphous
Will write here together
Dismiss the thought that I suffer
From a multiple personality disorder

To see who wrote
What is published here
Look at the name below
Written in letters clear

It is my turn today
Tomorrow The Oaf will start
I cannot promise what he will write
But I know he will not be tart

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Mar 14, 2004
You and I

The rain was falling
And I did not care
There was nothing more
That I could bear

Everybody tells you
That people come and go
That you would be the one
I did not know

With all my strength I tried
But I could not discard the past
Thought there would be no respite
The dice of fate had been cast

In the last few years
The heart had leapt once too many
Strangled all hopes of love
Was so sure that there wouldn't be any

A friend you were
With troubles like mine
And there were times
When we echoed the same line

To ourselves we said
No more love, it is not for me
To each other we said
Without love, I am happier you see

Its is not just the good times
Bad times too come to an end
Who would have thought
That you would become more than a friend

Into my life you sent
Many a sunny ray
Love you my dear Hotstepper
Forever and a day

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